Perfect for any Restaurateur or Foodservice establishment interested in portion packaged desserts. These products contain the highest quality ingredients, along with the versatility needed to enhance all your desserts and requiring only scratch-level investment. Because these are pan-portioned desserts, you will find that the convenience lies within the consistency of every package.

SIMPLE One 2 lb. bag of Mix + 1 - #10 Canned Fruit + 1 Pan (full size) = Perfect Dessert
ALTERNATIVE Easier than scratch baking, lower cost compared to frozen desserts.
Ideal for : schools, cafeterias, restaurants and institutional food services.
VERSATILLE Create a variety of desserts : fruit cobblers, fruit dessert pizza, fruit pies simply by using various canned, fresh or frozen fruits.
ECONOMICAL Achieve cooking consistency while reducing labor cost.
Cook "A" prepares exactly like cook "B".



Product Name Item # Case Pack Case Weight
   Fruit Cobbler Mix 0-25373-00061-7 6/2 lb.    907 g 13 lbs.      5,9 g
   Oatmeal Crunch Topping Mix 0-25373-00081-5 6/2 lb.    907 g 13 lbs.      5,9 g




If you love cobbler, then you'll love our quick and easy to prepare fruit cobbler mix. Just add your favorite fruit and you'll have a delicious Southern dessert that everyone is sure to rave over.





Oatmeal has never tasted so good! Use this topping to add an extra special, wholesome touch to any dessert you make.






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