Crispy Cobb Salad

🥗 1 box of Calhoun Bend Mill Awesome Onion Crispy Fry Mix
🥗 3 boneless skinless chicken thighs
🥗 Cooking oil
🥗 3 boiled eggs
🥗 6 pieces of bacon
🥗 Blue cheese
🥗 1 large tomato
🥗 1 large avocado
🥗 Two romaine lettuce hearts
🥗 Vinaigrette Dressing
🥗 Freshly chopped chives
🥚 Chop the chicken thighs into cubes and rinse the meat. Coat in the fry mix and fry at 350 degrees until the chicken has reached an internal temperature of 165 degrees. 🥚 Boil your eggs and combine all the ingredients together in a salad bowl. Top with the chicken!
🥚 ENJOY!!!

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